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City Of Liverpool

"Experience of NLP was that I felt it certainly brought our team together by instilling a greater degree of understanding of what makes our colleagues 'tick' and emphasising that we are all different. Also, many months after the sessions I still have legacy traits that positively affect my work - life balance."

From Steve Kneale. Sent: Tue, 28 Feb 2006, Subject: Website Feedback

Sport & Recreation Service - Facility Operations, Business Development Manager, 1st Floor, Lifestyles Everton Park, Great Homer Street, Liverpool L5 5PH. Tel: +44 (0)151 233 6362 Fax: +44 (0) 151 233 6300 http://www.liverpool.gov.uk/lifestyles, Liverpool - European Capital of Culture 2008


"In twenty years I have been on many different courses, and I can honestly say your course is the only course that has had any real long lasting impact on both my personal and working life.

I have a more positive approach to all areas of my life, have less fear, worry less, suffer from far less stress, gained confidence, have a happier outlook about the present and future.

One of the most important things I gained from your course was the " Reframe " approach which I think about on a very regular basis it keeps me confident that when work / personal life isn't perfect, I remain optimistic and that everyday life is great, and that even the most humble task are worth doing well and always strive to improve.

I've recently been promoted on a secondment to a S.A.P. training post, which is a great opportunity for me and hopefully will lead to a permanent position, but either way I'm relaxed and positive that everything will be ok.

I can only say positive stuff about the courses you ran for the LCC, and I have mentioned on a fair few occasions to colleagues that all LCC staff would all benefit from attending course.

If you need any other info or I can help in any way, please just email

So Good Luck in everything you do, you deserve to do well and once again Thank You.

From: David Pye. Sent: Wed, 1 Mar 2006. Subject: Body and Mind Website

Liverpool City Council


Hi Terry,

"I'd like to second what Dave has said but not for chance of immortality on a website.

My problem handling techniques personal and work have improved immensely as a result of the skills I picked up during the course and I am constantly trying to pass on yours and Carol's words of wisdom/ideas to my girlfriend who does really struggle with a negative hard done to attitude/outlook.

The AFI approach, the balance wheel and without doubt the power to reframe situations has been life changing so thank you both for these tools. I am so much more optimistic and motivated by feeling more in control of my choices since this training and can spot negativity from a new perspective and deal with accordingly. Thank you both again for the learning!!!

Absolutely sincerely thank you,"

From: Andy Horsburgh. Sent: Wed, 1 Mar 2006. Subject: Body & Mind

Funding Support Officer, Learning and Development, Room 112, Municipal Building, Dale St. L2 2DH


"I have first hand experience of the training as provided by Body and Mind Unlimited. The feedback from myself and each of my colleagues who have received this training has been extremely positive. In many cases the results of the training has been life changing for people from a range of designations and backgrounds. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Body and Mind Limited organisation and firmly believe that they have a lot to offer organisations be they big or small".

From: John Marsden, From: Title: Co-ordinator. Subject: Liverpool, Active City


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