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Getrag Ford Transmissions






As promised a few words of feed back on the "Passion to succeed" course. Well Done! Feed back so far is that the content has been well thought out, the pace and delivery balanced to give the right mix of practical and discussion with a relating flavour. No negative comments from any participants - not all convinced by the initiative - but far more positive than before the sessions.This workshop has reinforced our choice in your company in driving our Blue Sky Vision into the workforce at all levels, particularly following the success of the Stress Management workshops.

Looking forward to the feedback from the Group Leaders following their recently completed "Passion to Succeed" workshop. Still believe by the way, that the combination of yourself and Terry McElhinney as joint presenters adds that little bit of edge to each session, and for me - having attended both sessions personally - it is the edge that make the difference! Keep Going! Thank You.

Denis Donafee, Manager - Halewood Transmission Plant, Getrag Ford Transmissions Gmbh. Sent: 29 January 2003. Subject: Halewood Blue Sky Initiative



A short note to say how much my colleagues and I enjoyed your course yesterday and appreciated the effort and energy you both imparted. We felt the course was delivered at an understandable level to all (avoiding unnecessary academic jargon) and the content was both informative and useful. We look forward to seeing you again soon. PS: We loved the jelly beans and tortoise.

Olive Thomas, Engineering Admin, Getrag-Ford Transmissions GmbH, Halewood, LIVERPOOL L24 9LE. Sent: 23 May 2002. Subject: stress management course.


Terry, can I take a little of your time and thank you for what was probably a very influential day?  I was part of the group from Getrag that met you at Fords Sports Club on 4 Feb, if you remember I was the one who hated the rain and had lost 60 lbs and had "kept it off! l for just under a year. I have been a more positive person and as I found out today, I can handle the rain! By simply lire framing II various scenarios, I have coped much better and I feel less tired. I feel so much better with my II lot" that I am amazing even myself with a more positive approach, and as you probably know, I am getting so much more done. You did mention that you would forward a reading list if any of us would like, well I for one would really like to read more on this subject. Am I right in thinking that you need to keep reminding yourself of the subject matter in order for it to “stick”? If you would be so kind as to let me know the list of books that you recommend I would be grateful. I would rather read a brief overview than a very in depth text book…

And finally, would you please forward me your business contact address. This is for my sister who is a Health Service Chief Executive in Plymouth: we have spoken this weekend and she is impressed, and would like to know more… Again, thanks for all and I shall never forget. Les 10/02/2003

Best course ever done. Best course in 14 years. Managers are saying thanks etc. Ford


Just to say that I enjoyed the session on Tuesday of last week. It was good not to have the firm pushed down your throat. I am the chap who said he was about to lose his position in work and it took me from Wednesday to Monday to get over it. Anyway, hopefully things will work out. I’m asking for some of the sayings or posters you had on the wall as quite often you can use them on yourself or when speaking to other people. I would appreciate the help, and again thank you for a fun day. Billy 29/01/2003

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