Open your mind and anything is possible. Change your life. 

This poem is from the perspective of a person with a stammer.


Your all sitting their thinking terry this is me
No you are a leaf affected by your family tree
Your self talk has spoken has whispered and repeated many a lie
I can’t do this. I am no good, woman are weak and men don’t cry
We are all reacting a response from someone else sad past
I am here to tell you its rubbish and doesn’t have to last

Every one here is special with unique DNA and optical prints
Your positive self-talk for years has told you this with gentle hints
We were all born not to be surfs but queens and kings
The negative labels we and other stick on us aren’t Permanent things
You can design your future it’s our life and this is your day
Its time to be strong stand up and do life your way

We can write, direct and star in a passionate exciting film and scenes
Its who we decide to be now not where we are from & who we have been
Everyone here so special, unique, even worth it, the mirror lies
The treasure in you is worth time searching for, risk a few tries

Day after day we repeat re-affirm the same crap chant
I cant, I should, if only, I am not this or that we obsessively rant
I am here to tell you your life from now is your to create and become your own you can, you deserve it all, love and security in a crowd no longer feeling alone.

Every day in every way I am getting better, better and better
Magic words that will change your life a more empowering self address letter
You’re a thousand stronger than your negative words, feelings and thoughts
Its time now to break free from the restriction that feels so taut

From this second now it can’t be stopped the clocks ticking away
The past is gone, the future your choice, its time too have your say

If you listen I can help, open your mind and your heart
The rest of your new unlimited life is about to start.