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To find out more about what Body & Mind Unlimited can do for you, please download a copy of one of our sample programs:

Past present future


The past does not equal the future...

 We all need to let go of the negative parts of our past to enable us to have a positive present and a future to look forward to. Our ethos is to use a combination of N.L.P life coaching and counselling tools, to assist many of our clients to escape from the restrictions of self doubt and lack of motivation, and to move forward enabling them to reach their own goals.

We either copy our parents negative behaviour, moods and traits or rebel against them and go 180% in the opposite way, we can help you become more aware of your own negative patterns and character traits which are stopping you from moving forward, achieve the right balance and live your life how the real you wants to live.

For years you might have lived as your parent's, friend's, teacher's, partner's and boss' perception of 'you'. In among all these perceptions where on earth are YOU!

Feedback: "Very good - Terry was easy to listen to and made some good points which made me think about my outlook on day to day things. (Lecture on Motivation & Relaxation with Terry McElhinney, Pilkington Glass)"