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Stammering Course


I've just read your webpage: It was so inspiring. I wanted to say thank you for uploading it. I've been stammering for about 9 years now, and I'm 22. It has been so frustrating and literally feels like it cripples me. After reading your page, I feel that I should go and pursue everything it is I want to do almost in spite of the stammer. Use it for my advantage, like a wake up call to what my potential really is. It's almost made me feel greatful for having a stammer, because without it I may be taking many things for granted. I also really liked how you mentioned different situations and how you feel e.g. how you felt with your girlfriends mother, but then how you felt infront of her father, and the affect it had on your stammer. I have noticed this, but never really looked at it in detail or known what approach to use to overcome it. It's key that your body and your mind are working in conjuction with each other, so positive mind and positive body language. Just this morning, a guest came to my home and I instantly felt like he was going to ask me questions about a certain topic. So there was anxiety. I wanted to speak to him, and inevitably he asked me questions. I tried to avoid the word I was going to stammer on for another, but it became silly, he eventually said just say something! So I said I'm so sorry, I have a stammer. He instantly replied with oh dont worry about it. I then said the word, whilst stammering, but I'm not going to now have a bad day contemplating the fact that I stammered. It happens so much more less than say a few years ago, I should be thinking about the progress I made and not this tiny glitch. And then I found your web page, and it's really just made me feel so good. Thank you so much, you've really made a difference. I hope you have a wonderful day:) Kind regards, Dave 23/10/2009 via email)

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