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Warrington Borough Council





Neuro Linguistic Programming Training Event

Author: Karan Willis, David Cosgrove - Summary Only, 30 September 2003, Corporate Resources Department,Personnel Services,Training & Development Section.Personal Development Centre,Irwell Road, Warrington,

Was the course beneficial to you? Yes (23) -  No (0)

Please explain why you have answered yes or No: 

“I feel motivated to make each day count and to try new things”

“I learnt to relax”

“It was interesting”

“Opened my eyes”

“Useful information”

“Made me more open minded”

“Made me think more positive2

“I enjoy courses on self-improvement”

Much of the learning can be taken away and used: Agree (23) - Disagree (0)

I feel motivated to complete my modern apprenticeship I and feel that the course has helped me do this:  Agree (22) - Disagree (1)

Would you recommend this course to a colleague? Yes (23) - No (0)

I feel more motivated with in Personal Life:  Agree (23) - Disagree (0)

I feel more motivated with in  Working Life: Agree (23) - Disagree (0)

Did you enjoy the course? Agree (23) - Disagree (0)

Comments made:

“Completely different to anything I have ever done before, very beneficial”


“Enjoyed spending time thinking”

“Very interesting”


“Changed my outlook on life”

“Made me think more positively”

Will you use the relaxation techniques? Agree (23) - Disagree (0)

In what situations do you think you would apply the skills you have gained?

“To asses my goals”

“When I'm having a bad day”

“Situations where I need to calm down”

“In everyday life”

“In personal and self confidence”


“With my daughter”

Out of all the techniques covered today which techniques do you think that you may use the most that you feel may benefit you in the future?

“Will try and use many of the techniques as possible”


“Self confidence”

“Changing my questions”

“Self talk, relaxation, CD moods exercise”

“Positive thinking”

Further comments:

“Good course”

“Worth while”

“It has made me look at the bigger picture”

“Good presentation style”WBC

“Very helpful and interesting”

“Excellent course”

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